Words From Tom Kazanski, Creator of EnduraQ

In my high school and college years, I was always very fit and generally played a sport in every season: soccer, basketball, baseball. In college, I continued to play soccer/basketball & was also on the rowing team. These years represented my peak fitness level when I was roughly 19 years old and 6'4" 190lbs as I had just finished growing and not developed significant muscle mass yet. At 20, I suffered my first shoulder dislocation, which occurred a second time at 26. As I was working long hours on Wall Street at that time, my fitness level declined markedly as I struggled for 12 months to recover and rehab. Post my second shoulder injury combined with aging and long hours sitting at a desk, my fitness level and physique was never the same again. I exercised 60+ minutes/day 5 days per week but was never able to get my weight below the 220 range. In spite of my excess abdominal fat, I was medically healthy during this period and all my metabolic and other parameters were strong.

Fast forward to my 30s, when I took up boxing to help strengthen the small muscles in my shoulders to reduce my prior injury symptoms. I had built my endurance through the sport and was now exercising 90 minutes/day 5-6 days/week. However, I was still struggling with excess abdominal fat and was unable to get my weight below 210lbs despite a top tier fitness level and strong medical diagnostics. Furthermore, I was reaching an age at 34 where I was starting to struggle with my recovery, which was making me orthopedic injury prone due to over training (such consistent pain and inflammation in my right meniscus among other minor issues). I began to wonder what more could I do?

This is how EnduraQ was born. I bottled EMIQ and continued my normal endurance workout regimen but began taking 600mg/daily EnduraQ as an additional measure. I had discovered quercetin through my work in the biotechnology industry financing companies across an array of inflammatory diseases during a discussion that I had with a key opinion leader from the Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute who specialized in high oxidative stress indications. Subsequently, I conducted a review of all the Quercetin literature as well as consulting calls with all the authors of that literature. I was most impressed with the amount and quality of clinical data that had been generated versus other supplements and felt the conduct & rigor of the studies was more analogous to the drug world. The literature was very clear that the primary issue with Quercetin in every study was lack of bioavailability & absorption. That is when I discovered EMIQ (~18x the bioavailability of Quercetin), and I felt it was too compelling not to share with the world.

Over the course of the subsequent 4 months, I was able to shed some excess abdominal fat and decrease my weight range from 216 to 197-203. I am still training 6 days/week, but I am not experiencing the same orthopedic issues that I was before likely in part due to the anti-inflammatory effects of EnduraQ, but also due to lower stress on my muscles and joints from carrying significantly less body weight. Thanks to EnduraQ, I’m healthier and feel much better inside and out.


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