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Train & Eat Like an Olympian

Train & Eat Like an Olympian

The 2018 Winter games ended recently, but we can't stop thinking about how much training and preparation goes into these sports. We gathered some tips from some of the best Olympic athletes on their recipe to success.


“I do a lot of Olympic lifts, so power cleans and things like that. One of the best things we do, though, are weighted pull-ups. Your catch in swimming is where you get all your power, so it’s important to have a strong upper body.” —Natalie Coughlin

“It’s not going to happen if you don’t believe it’s going to happen. And trust me: I understand that it’s not always easy to make yourself believe you can do something—it doesn’t happen overnight. It is something you have to work at. A lot of times, it’s just you that’s in the way.” —Nzingha Prescod

“As miserable and simple as it seems, the best head-to-toe exercise is probably a plank. I also do a lot of planks with dynamic movements: if you are in a flat plank, keeping your core really tight and really still and holding one leg up for 30 seconds, and then switching and holding the other leg up for 30 seconds.” —Emma Coburn

“I try to give myself little goals throughout the race to accomplish and feel good about. You’re at 20 miles and you know there’s a long way to go, so it’s ‘OK, get to the next water station. Look up and try to pass that girl hanging out in front of me.’ It’s about little things you know you can achieve, then you set the next goal. This way, it’s a positive feeling with each one you accomplish.” —Desi Linden


“I’m obsessed with apple, almond butter, and granola sandwiches. They’re super easy: Slice an apple in two rounds and put almond butter on one side. Sprinkle with granola and put the other side of the apple on top, and it becomes this little sandwich. It gives me good fruit and carbs before a workout, good healthy fats from almond butter and good whole grains from granola.” —Missy Franklin

“I have never considered myself to be on a diet. I’ve always called it a life plan. I don’t eat a lot of fried food; I mostly eat grilled chicken, fish like Tilapia, turkey burgers, pasta, rice, and vegetables. My eating is pretty repetitive.” —Claressa Shields

“My favorite food is sushi. It’s really refreshing, and you get the protein with the fish, and the rice is carbs. It’s funny—everyone thinks carbs are the enemy. But I think I eat more carbs now than I did in 2012, and my training is better because I have more energy. Fueling your body is 100 percent important.” —Aly Raisman

“I’m a big fan of smoothies. You can pack so much nutrition into them. Post-workout, I’ll do a cherry-almond one with almond milk, almond butter for protein, chia seeds for extra fiber and protein, frozen cherries to help with muscle inflammation and a banana to round it out and give it more body.” —Natalie Coughlin

Source: Health Magazine

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