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Staying Athletic: Halloween Style

Staying Athletic: Halloween Style

Do you have your Halloween costume yet? Don't fret because we have a few ideas you can easily throw together last minute! Check out our athletic costumes that you can even wear to the gym if you are skipping the parties this year:

Baseball / Basketball / Football Player

Throw on your favorite jersey in your closet and call it a night. Add eye black to give your costume an extra pop!


Dig out that old cheer uniform from the high school days or simply wear a mini skirt, tank top, and giant hair bow. Grab those pom poms or use glitter to be even more authentic!

80's Workout Guy / Girl

For girls, throw some colorful leggings or tights under a one piece bathing suit or shorts and off-the-shoulder tee. Leg warmers are a must and wear your hair in a side pony with a scrunchy. Guys, wear jogging shorts with a t-shirt and high socks. Add a sweatband to complete the look!


Pick up a black and white striped polo and throw on a pair of black workout shorts. A whistle and black hat are the perfect accessories!

Olympic Athlete

Get out all your American flag apparel, throw on a sweatband, and a windbreaker...voila! You could pass for any olympic athlete in their warm-up gear.

Don't miss out on the Halloween fun, just because you don't have a costume! These costumes are easy to pull off with just a few things in your closet already.  Bring a bit of fitness to the party and don't forget to take your daily dose of EnduraQ to keep off the candy pounds!

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