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Meditation 101

Meditation 101

Deep breaths, a cleared mindset, and a relaxed body is what comes about when meditating. If this sounds good to you, you may want to give meditating a try. But what exactly is meditating and how do you do it?

Meditation is a state of thoughtless awareness that creates an overwhelming sense of peace. The mind is quiet, yet completely alert. While meditation may lead to sleep, sleeping is not a form of meditation because the mind is still awake and aware.  

Meditation has several health benefits including:

  • reduced stress
  • reduced anxiety
  • reduced blood pressure
  • increased self-esteem
  • improved emotional intelligence
  • improved mental focus

There are several ways to meditate. Some practices may work better than others. It is important to get in a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down. Next, close your eyes or focus on a certain object. Follow your breathing and clear your mind of all thoughts. Visualization can also take place to create a peaceful place in your mind. If you are having a hard time bringing yourself to a cleared or peaceful state of mind, try playing music or listening to a guided meditation.


Whatever way you choose to meditate, just make sure it brings you peace. Alongside your daily dose of EnduraQ, your health and well-being will improve significantly with a meditation practice in place.


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