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Lifting for Beginners

Lifting for Beginners

Lifting can be somewhat intimidating, which is why a lot of people stay away from it. But have no fear, anyone can lift weights, even if you have zero experience. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you are just starting out:

1. It takes a while to build up muscle, so don't expect to be ripped after 1 week

2. Start out with dumbbells rather than barbells 

3. Don't worry about lifting everyday - strive for every other day

4. Pick 1-2 exercises per muscle group

5. Don't try to lift extreme amounts of weight right away - start out slow

6. Lift in front of mirrors to make sure your form is correct

7. Get enough rest/sleep and take EnduraQ so your muscles can recover 

8. Results won't be evident unless your diet coincides with your goals

9. Have realistic goals

10. You got this!

Getting started can be tough. Once you create a routine, you will get accustomed to lifting and it won't be so hard anymore. Soon enough lifting the 5 lb weights will be a piece of cake and you'll be moving up faster than you know!

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