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How to Motivate Yourself to Workout

How to Motivate Yourself to Workout

Getting to the gym can be a struggle. Sometimes life gets in the way or we just lack the motivation to even try and workout. We come up with excuse after excuse as to why we can't workout. Here's how to get out of your funk and get back to being active.

Find a Workout Buddy

When you have a friend to keep you accountable, it is harder to get out of working out. They keep you honest and motivate you to work harder. Sometimes working out with a parter promotes healthy competition to workout harder than the other person.


Tell Someone Your Goal

When you tell someone your workout goals they can keep you accountable. You are more likely to stick to your goals if someone else knows them because if you slack off, they will know.

Set Mini Goals

While you are working out, set smaller goals to push you to go further.  For example, if you are running tell yourself to run as hard as you can for the last two minutes of your run. Or if you are doing sit ups, time your amount of sit ups to a song, don't stop until the chorus is over, and promise yourself breaks during the verses. 

Book a Nonrefundable Class

Money is a great motivator. Everyone hates losing money. Once a class is booked, you'll feel as though you have to go, otherwise, you are losing money.

Use Visual Motivators

Follow healthy Instagrammers to gain motivation to workout. EnduraQ is constantly posting pictures to motivate, inspire, and influence followers to lead a healthy life. Follow us on Instagram for quotes, tips, and more @enduraq.

We know it is hard to get back out there and be active, but EnduraQ is there for you every step of the way. Whether you are trying to make it to the gym, or go on a daily walk, EnduraQ's got your back.

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