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How To Get An Amazing Butt

How To Get An Amazing Butt

We all want that perfect, perky butt. Here’s how to get it...


Tight hamstrings may force your pelvis to rotate upward, making your rear droop. Here’s some uplifting news: a study at Japan’s Teikyo University Mizonokuchi Hospital found a crazy-effective stretch. Try it: Crouch, hold backs of ankles, bring abs to thighs, then slowly bend forward as you straighten legs; hold for 10 seconds for 1 rep. Do 10 reps daily. You’ll have a better butt after just four weeks! Adding some foam-rolling to your stretching routine will give you even better results.



Squats and lunges aren’t the only effective booty-building exercises. Do these basic glute exercises demonstrated by the  Jen Selter, who has arguably the most famous butt on Instagram.

Already mastered all the typical exercises? For something a little different, try these ballet-inspired moves:

Tabletop: Start on all fours, lifting your right leg up, knee bent, toes pointed. Do the following for 60 seconds each: Press leg up and hold; pulse up slightly. Flex foot, press up and hold; pulse up with a flexed foot. Repeat on opposite side.

High V: Stand heels together, toes apart, then rise up on your toes. Bend knees and sink down, making sure to stay high up on your toes without letting the heels separate. Do the following for 60 seconds each: Bend knees to move down an inch and up an inch; tuck pelvis under, then release; pulse knees back slightly.

Pretzel: Sit on the floor with your left leg in front at a 90-degree angle and right leg behind. Do the following for 60 seconds each: Rotate your right hip forward and back. Lift right knee an inch off the floor, press back and hold. Pulse right knee back. Repeat on opposite side.

Foldover: Stand away from the ballet bar, heels together, toes apart. Fold forward and grab bar. Soften right knee and extend left leg behind you, hip open and foot flexed. Do the following for 60 second each: Lift leg up an inch and hold; pulse up slightly. Point your toes, then lift leg up and hold; pulse leg up with toe pointed. Repeat with right leg.



Even the strongest booty isn’t going to look like much if it’s covered with too much fat. Add at least 3 days a week of cardio to your training schedule, about 30-45 minutes each. We recommend cardio that burns fat while also building up your glutes, like walking on a high incline (incline above 10). Therese Iknoian, exercise physiologist and author of Walking Fast, gives sound advice on the best walking form for toning your tush. With each step, when one leg extends behind you, keep your heel on the ground as long as possible. When you do lift your heel, roll through the foot, then push off with your toes. You feel your glutes contract with every step. The StairMaster is also a great cardio machine that burns calories while toning and lifting your backside.

If you’re looking for an extra boost on the fat burn, try adding some EnduraQ to your daily routine. It’s scientifically proven to bump up your metabolism and help shed the fat (the same fat that might be hiding your perfect butt).


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