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How to Detox After A Holiday Weekend

How to Detox After A Holiday Weekend

We have all been there, lying in bed the morning after a long weekend, praying for a text from work that says "no need to come in today". As the clock ticks, you begin to lose hope that you will be able to escape your commitments. Sure there were ways to avoid this issue, like not having that extra glass of wine or going to bed a little earlier, but as best we know hindsight will not provide us relief. 

After a long weekend, a holiday, or just a Sunday of too much partying you need to find ways to be proactive in order to be the best you can be given the circumstances.

Too Much Alcohol:

You promised yourself that you would be good, but sometimes being bad is more fun. Before bed, you realize you made a massive mistake and dread the miserable throb trying to destroy your skull in the morning. Before going to bed drink a lot of water, if you are able to safely cut add cucumber slices, mint, and lime in it. Also, infuse some water for the morning. To be safe try and plan ahead before you start drinking and prepare your meals for the following day. Try and find foods that won't upset your stomach but are rich in vitamins in nutrients.

Allow yourself extra time in the morning to wake up and get ready as you may be slowed down and groggy. This also gives you time to recover before making the commute to work. 

To give yourself a boost in the morning try one of our recommend smoothies

Too Much Stress

So you have been cooking non-stop for the past week getting ready for a busy holiday. You have been working on getting the house ready, dealing with extended family. When all is well and done... you need to detox out of the stress of the holiday. We recommend you enjoy some zen with some yoga and meditation to unwind. Yoga has been clincially proven to help reduce stress, so it woulld be benefitial in the unwinding process.

We also recommend eating healthy to get back into the swing of things and removing any reminders of the holiday from your home for your own mental sanity.


Although holidays, long weekends, and sunday parties are fun it is important to get back into the swing of things. Instead of procrastinating dive right back into your daily routine and meet its rigors with all of your ability.


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