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How to Detox

How to Detox

Eating too much junk food lately? Cleansing may not be your thing, but here are a few tips on how to detox the healthy way.

1. Cut Mindless Snacking

Though you may not think those random bites here and there while you watch TV or are sitting at your desk count, the calories add up! It is best to not have so many snacks easily available, that way you aren't constantly reaching for food.

2. Get Your Beauty Rest

Sleep is just important as your diet and exercise. To get the most out of your night of sleep, it is best to cut caffeine, try not to eat too late, don't look at a screen (TV, phone, etc) for two hours before you sleep.

3. Stop Drinking Soda

Soda contains an immense amount of sugar that causes you to pack on the pounds. Even diet drinks are not good for you, which brings us to our next point.

4. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

You may be thinking you are making the wise decision to avoid sugar with artificial sweeteners, however they actually lead to weight gain. According to Rachel Beller, RD, founder of the Beller Nutritional Institute, "It turns out they can trigger our bodies to crave sweets and sugar".

5. Don't Skip Meals

Skipping meals may seem like a good way to avoid weight gain, however it typically has the opposite affect. Skipping meals usually causes you to consume more later because you are so hungry from missing out on the meal you skipped.

Taking EnduraQ while you are on your detox, is always a good idea in order to reduce body fat and increase digestion.

Source: Fitness Magazine

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