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How to Blow Past Allergy Season

How to Blow Past Allergy Season

Allergy season is coming up and we know you are starting to dread the thought of all the pollen and dust in the air.  Never fear, EnduraQ is here! Did you know that quercetin, the prime ingredient in EnduraQ, helps prevent allergies?  Additionally, EnduraQ reduces the chance of upper respiratory infections after strenuous exercise. Grab yours here.

Looking for some other ways to prevent allergies this year? Check it out:

Wash Your Hair at Night

Gels and mousse trap pollen in your hair so be sure to wash your hair regularly.

Keep Your House Cool & Dry

Dust mites thrive in homes warmer than 70 degrees with higher humidity.

Use Extra Hot Water for Laundry

You should wash your bedding on a weekly basis in 140 degree temperature to destroy dust mites.

Get Rid of Your Rug

Fuzzy, fluffy rugs and carpeting are known to trap pet dander and dust.

Groom Your Pets

If you don't have a dog with a hypo-allergenic coat, make sure they are up to date in their grooming. Their fur alone can shed even more dust in your home.

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Source: Health.com

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