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Green Smoothie Bowls with Mango + Hemp Seeds

Green Smoothie Bowls with Mango + Hemp Seeds

Green Smoothie Bowls with Mango + Hemp Seeds

Green smoothie bowls that are plant-powered with hemp seeds, mango, banana, and sprouts. A vegan smoothie bowl for breakfast or a quick snack for any time of day.

I feel like there are two types of people in this world. Those who like green smoothie bowls. And those who don’t.

But first, let’s talk about smoothies.

When balanced correctly, with the right amount of fat and protein and carbohydrates, they can be the perfect meal replacement or midday snack. I make a seasonal version of this classic green smoothie a few times a week. The original version of this recipe contains fall flavors like apples or pears and hearty greens, cinnamon and flax seed. But you can make it fit any time of year by swapping out the apples and pears for seasonal fruit choices and the cinnamon for corresponding flavors.

I usually eat a smoothie as a snack or when I’m heading out the door to a meeting as a portable breakfast. I drink smoothies mainly for health reasons. They’re a great way to load up on nutrients. And they support a balanced lifestyle. But for me, smoothies aren’t always super satisfying. Especially as a meal. Smoothie bowls though, that’s a totally different story. And there’s actually some science behind this. Yes, you guys – really – science!

If you feel weird about dumping your smoothie into a bowl, topping it with really pretty garnishes and sitting down and digging in, maybe this information will help you ease into it. I doubt the smoothie bowl trend started as a means to provide better digestion and meal satisfaction, but they’re certainly subsequent benefits.

The science lies in a few basic principles.


See the full recipe and read more on withfoodandlove.com.

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