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Best Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy While Traveling

Best Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy While Traveling

Traveling and sticking with a healthy lifestyle can be challenging at times. It is okay to indulge while on vacation and enjoy foods you wouldn't normally eat, but we can all do our best to try and stay active and healthy even while traveling. 

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Everyone knows that flying is extremely dehydrating, so it's important to drink as much water as possible before, during, and after your flight. The best things to eat while traveling are foods with a high water content, which just so happen to be fruits and vegetables. Buy a small travel cooler so you can bring travel-savvy snacks like carrot and jicama sticks, sliced cucumber, sliced red pepper, or fruit. Salsa or a small amount of hummus are both smart choices for dipping your veggies in. Travel days can also be an ideal time to give your digestive system a break by doing a mini juice cleanse. Vegetable juice can be difficult to find at airports, but if you have access to it, it's the ideal nourishment for a long travel day. Not only will it keep you hydrated and keep your digestive system running smoothly, it will boost your immune system and help you fight off all those nasty airplane germs. Even if you can't find vegetable juice at the actual airport, try to have some at home before you leave, and again once you reach your destination.

2. Exercise

Since you'll be doing a lot of sitting during your travel day, be sure to exercise before or after the flight. It's best to do it beforehand since traveling can be tiring and you'll be more likely to skip out on your workout if you arrive feeling fatigued. At the airport, if you have a lot of time to kill before your flight, don't sit down like everyone else. Take a walk around the airport- you'll have plenty of time for sitting later. While on the airplane, stand up and walk around at least every hour. You should be drinking enough water that you'll need to get up to pee that often, anyways. You can even do glute and abdominal contractions while sitting in your seat working on your laptop. Get creative; just keep your blood pumping.

3. Pack Smart

Consider where you're traveling and pack according to what you'll need while you're there. Will you have access to a gym? If not, come prepared with a resistance band and a few workout videos. Will you have somewhere to buy water and healthy food (other than expensive hotel waters and room service, of course)? Be sure to bring healthy non-perishable snacks that you can grab in a pinch, like protein powder or sprouted nuts.

4. Travel Day Tools

There are a few tried and true tools that can boost your health during your travel day. Wear compression socks or bring them to put on once you're on the plane. This will help prevent swelling and even blood clots. Immune-boosting supplements are also a great tool to keep you from catching something from that nasty re-circulating plane air. There are a few different greens supplements that can be easily added to water during your flight. Aromatherapy oils are also nice to have on hand when you’re feeling run down. This “Altitude Oil” helps perk you up, and it’s a natural immune-booster.

5. Take Your EnduraQ
Not only will EnduraQ help keep your metabolism revved, it will also help keep you from getting sick, especially if you do a pre-flight workout. It will even help you recover from the workout faster so you don't arrive at your destination feeling stiff and fatigued.



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