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Beach Circuit Workout

Beach Circuit Workout

This summer try something new and take your workout to the beach! Repeat this circuit three times, doing 20 repetitions of each move. Don't forget your EnduraQ, to help boost your metabolism and burn fat even faster. 


Rotating Side Plank
Take side plank on your forearm, with your feet planted one in front of the other. With your hips stabilized at the level of your shoulders, rotate your torso to face the mat while reaching your top arm underneath your stomach. Slowly unwind back to the starting position, keeping your core engaged.

Twisted Core Plank
Start in plank position, with your shoulders over your wrists and your hips at shoulder height. Draw the right knee toward the left shoulder, and place the foot back in starting position. Draw the left knee toward the right shoulder, and place the foot back. Repeat, alternating sides and wringing out the obliques while keeping the shoulders and core engaged.

Resistance-Band Glutes and Thigh Blaster
Tie or loop the resistance band around the lower calves, so there is tension when standing hip-width apart. Step sideways with the right foot to a shoulder-width and lower into a deep squat, keeping your knees over toes and your torso as upright as possible. Step the right foot back in to release the tension. Repeat on the other side, stepping out with the left.


Source: vogue.com


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