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8 Resistance Band Exercises You Can't Resist

8 Resistance Band Exercises You Can't Resist

Do you have a resistance band that sits in the corner of your room? Have you ever wondered what to do with it?  Here are a few workout tips to work every part of your body. See the picture below for a visual aid.

1. Back

Put the band around something stable, slightly bend your knees, but keep your back straight. Pull the band towards your sides.  

2. Front Shoulder

Step on the middle of the band, bending your knees slightly. Then, pull the band straight in front of you until your arms are level with your shoulders.  Keep your arms straight the whole time.

3. Chest

Place the band our something stable and get into the push up position.  Pull the bands one at a time to your side.

4. Stomach

Place the band around something stable.  Get on your knees and pull the band while curling down to your knees (into a fetal position).

5. Legs

Place the band around something stable. On your toes, do squats holding onto the resistance bands for support.

6. Front of Arm

Step onto the resistance band and bend your knees slightly.  Next, pull the band up with your arms bending towards you.

7. Back of Arm

Put the bands on something stable and step into a lunge position.  Pull the band from the base of your shoulders and extend it out in front of you.

8. Side Shoulder

Step onto the band.  Extend your arms out to the sides, keeping them straight, into a "T" position with your arms level with your shoulders.


Make sure to take your EnduraQ daily to help you recover faster, after you feel the burn from the resistance bands.  

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