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7 Simple Diet Changes to Lose Weight

7 Simple Diet Changes to Lose Weight

Some everyday foods maybe tarnishing your fitness goals. Try these 7 diet changes for improved health and weight loss. 

Instead of… White Pasta
Try zucchini noodles. You can even make noodles from tons of other vegetables using a spiralizer, so get creative. We also recommend sweet potato and beet noodles.
If veggie noodles aren’t for you, try using spaghetti squash, kelp noodles, or bean pasta. Even whole wheat paste is a better option than white pasta. 

Instead of... Chips
Replace salty potato chips with zucchini or sweet potato chips. Many brands come in different flavors, like sour cream and onion. Replace tortilla chips with raw sweet potato and red pepper slices. Use a mandolin to slice your sweet potato as thin or as thick as you would like. Kale chips or air-popped popcorn are also good chip substitutes.

Instead of… Sugar
Sweeten anything and everything with organic stevia, which comes in powder or liquid form. When buying liquid stevia, look for a brand without alcohol in the ingredients. Another new and trendy natural sweetener alternative is monk fruit. It comes in powder form and, like stevia, has zero calories. It has no effect on your blood sugar levels (which is what we want to avoid), and it’s also high in antioxidants. This makes it the ideal sweetener to use while taking EnduraQ because antioxidants increase it’s effectiveness.

If you want a granulated sugar for things like baking (or if you just can’t stand the taste of stevia or monk fruit), coconut sugar is your best bet. Keep in mind that monk fruit powder is heat stable so it can also be used in baking. If you’re looking for a sweetener to replace syrup or honey, try yacon syrup or coconut nectar. They are lower on the glycemic index and have some beneficial nutrients.

Instead of… White Bread
Try a sprouted-grain bread such as Ezekiel bread, which comes in many different varieties, including low sodium. Sprouted grains have more protein and less fat than other breads. They also contain less gluten, and are much easier to digest.

Instead of… Soda
Try a flavored sparkling water or a natural sports drink like TYR Endurance Sport. TYR also contains EMIQ, along with other beneficial antioxidants, making it the perfect complement to EnduraQ. You can even make your own flavored waters by infusing them with fruit, to get all the great benefits of the fruit and detox your body. 

Instead of… Mayonnaise
Try avocado mayonnaise, which is made with healthy superfood avocado oil instead of traditional canola oil. Greek yogurt, especially when mixed with mustard, also makes a great mayonnaise substitute. 

Instead of… Cow Dairy
To replace cow’s milk, try almond milk or coconut milk. Both are much less inflammatory than cow’s milk. Cows are also treated with hormones that is transferred to their milk, so avoiding cow milk all together is a great choice for you body. 

When it comes to cheese—instead of cow’s cheese, try goat cheese. Goat cheese is much easier to digest for several reasons. First, the fat molecules in goat’s milk are much smaller than the fat molecules in cow’s milk. Goat’s milk also contains less lactose, or milk sugar, and it is naturally homogenized (unlike cow’s milk, which must undergo processing to homogenize it).

Don’t forget about ice cream. Almond milk ice cream, coconut milk ice cream, and goat’s milk ice cream are all delicious, healthy alternatives.

Even making some of these changes can have huge weight loss benefits for you. Try the transition slowly, if you feel you can't give up everything all at once and always enjoy everything in moderation to live a well-balanced life. 

If you need an extra little boost, try EnduraQ, which naturally boosts your body's metabolism to help burn stubborn fat and calories.



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