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4 Easy Fitness Tips to Get You Back on Track

4 Easy Fitness Tips to Get You Back on Track
Having a healthy and fit lifestyle is easier than you think. Although it takes commitment, consistency, and ongoing effort, there are tips and tricks you can use to help you along your journey. With the right mentality and adjustments, we can all achieve the body we want. Here are some easy tips to execute to get you right back on track.

  • First thing you need to do is stop with the self-judgment and move on. So you ate an entire sleeve of Girl Scout cookies, so what? Feeling guilty about it isn’t going to change anything. Accept it, say “whoops”, and start fresh at your next meal. The worst thing you can do is get discouraged and continue to binge and self-sabotage because you feel like you already failed.
  • Find things that get you excited about eating healthy and working out again. Shop for new exercise clothes. Find some healthy recipes that sound good to you, like protein pancakes. Buy cool new tennis shoes or a heart rate monitor. Whatever gets you excited about the idea of getting back on your fitness kick, do it.
  • Find a fun workout program you actually enjoy, like a dance or boxing class. Chances are you’ll have a friend willing to join you, which will make it more fun. Throwing on your dancing shoes or boxing gloves a few nights a week won’t even feel like exercise. These kinds of activities are fun and also reduce stress. 
  • Make sure your diet and fitness strategy is sustainable and catered to your goals. Take a good look at what you were doing before you got off track - were you crash dieting? Was your diet or workout regimen too strict or intense? When trying to determine the best fitness plan for you, the most important factor to consider is sustainability. If you can’t stick to the plan, it isn’t going to be effective. In all things fitness, consistency and small wins are key. Think of it more as a lifestyle change, and not a "diet" where you can't eat what you want.

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