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30-Minute Butt Workout

30-Minute Butt Workout

Try this 30-minute butt workout to feel the burn and don't forget to take your EnduraQ to relieve soreness and give you extra energy to push through your day!

1. Cardio

    • Plié jumps, first position: Heels together, toes apart, arms stretched out straight (2 minutes)

      Fire hydrant side kick to donkey kick.

      2. Butt sculpting

      For these exercises, try using 1-2 pound ankle weights. Complete 4 sets of 8 reps on each leg.

      • Leg lifts (keep top foot angled towards the ground)
      • Clamshells
      • Leg lifts (keep legs perpendicular to your body in a 90-degree angle)
      • Donkey kicks
      • Fire hydrant to side kick
      • Single-leg bridge lifts

      3. Cardio (again)

      • Plié jumps, second position: Legs in a squat, feet outward, arms stretched out straight (2 minutes)

       Lunge arm circles.

      4. Arms

      • Shoulder press into arm raise with 1-2 pound ball weights (10 reps)
      • Small arm circles with weights while in a lunge (10 reps per leg)
      • Tricep push-back while leaning forward and balancing on one leg (10 reps per leg)
      • Standing kicks with hands in fists in front of face as you balance on one leg (10 reps per leg)

      5. Cardio

      • Plié jumps, second position: Legs in a squat position with toes pointed out, arms stretched out straight (2 minutes)

      V-sit and roll-and-extend

      6. Abs

      • Seated crunches with arm twist—begin with arms straight in front, holding 1-2 pound balls, then twist to each side (raising that arm as you move), and finally hold both hands straight above your head as you face center (20 reps)
      • Crunches with one leg straight on the ground, one leg up in the air, with the ball weights (10 reps per leg)
      • V-sit and roll-and-extend—after crunching into a V, roll onto your stomach and lift your legs and feet together. Repeat by rolling onto the opposite side (5 per side)
      • Forearm plank with hands squeezed together (2 minutes)

      Source: wellandgood.com

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