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EnduraQ Dosage: Less Isn’t Always More

EnduraQ Dosage: Less Isn’t Always More

The optimal dose used in many recent quercetin studies was 1,000 mg daily. While EnduraQ recommends taking three to five 100 mg capsules per day, taking a higher dosage of up to 1,000 mg daily can maximize and enhance results.

There are a few reasons to consider a higher dose of EnduraQ. One reason is that it is extremely difficult to consume enough dietary quercetin to have any significant effect on athletic performance. Even if you somehow managed to eat 1,000 mg a day, it would still probably not be fully absorbed by the body due to quercetin’s low bioavailability, and you would likely be missing out on several other macro- and micronutrients in your diet. The flavonol intake of most U.S. adults is only about 13 mg/day, and quercetin makes up approximately 75% of this amount. This concept is discussed further in this article on quercetin and exercise performance.

Quercetin is classified as a flavonol, one of the five flavonoid subgroups, which in turn is a subgroup of the polyphenols found in plants. Some food sources of quercetin include elderberries (42 mg/100 gm), red onions (33 mg/100 gm), hot peppers (15 mg/100 gm), apples (4.7 mg/100 gm), and kale (7.7 mg/100 gm). Capers contain far greater amounts (180 mg/100 gm) but are typically omitted from lists as people rarely consume them in significant quantity. The 1,000 mg/day dose of quercetin used in these recent research trials far exceeds the amount of quercetin that can easily be consumed via diet.

Another reason to consider taking a higher dose of EnduraQ is simply based on the findings of these recent studies. Most of the research trials utilized dosages of 1,000 mg daily, and most researchers still consider 500-1000 mg/day to be a “relatively low dose.” As Dr. J. Mark Davis points out in this research paper, which we’ve discussed in previous blogs, “It has also been shown to be safe and effective at relatively low dosages (e.g., 500–1000 mg/day). If these results translate clinically, these benefits of quercetin may have important implications for enhancement of athletic and military performance.”

The benefits you experience from EnduraQ will depend on how many milligrams you take, but when you take EnduraQ is also an important factor. In our next blog we will explain more about the optimal times to take your EnduraQ.

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