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Getting the Most Out of EnduraQ

Getting the Most Out of EnduraQ

Our last blog summarized David C. Nieman’s study on “Quercetin’s Bioactive Effects in Human Athletes.” But what exactly do these findings mean for you? How can you use this information to maximize the benefits you get from taking EnduraQ? Read on to find out more about optimizing EnduraQ’s effectiveness.

Less is NOT Always More (More is More!)

The optimal dose used in many of the recent quercetin studies was 1,000 mg daily. While EnduraQ recommends taking three to five 100 mg capsules daily, taking a higher dosage of up to 1,000 mg per day can maximize and enhance results.

Timing is Everything

Some studies have indicated that the half-life of quercetin may be as short as 3.5 hours. This is one reason why we recommend taking EnduraQ throughout the day in divided doses. When exercising, EnduraQ should be taken one hour before, during, and one hour after exercise.

Take EnduraQ with Other Antioxidants

Another factor that increases EnduraQ’s effectiveness is taking it in conjunction with other flavonoids and catechins, such as fruits, vegetables, and green tea. Studies have also shown benefits from the addition of omega-3 fats (like fish oil), vitamins C and E (antioxidant nutrients), and EGCG (a type of catechin, and the most powerful antioxidant in green tea).

We will get into more detail about each of these factors in upcoming blogs, including specific recommendations on how to incorporate them into your daily life. Keep checking back!

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