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Quercetin Can Help Athletes Achieve the Next Level

Quercetin Can Help Athletes Achieve the Next Level

Quercetin, the main ingredient in EnduraQ, has been studied in regards to it's beneficial effects on human athletes. The anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, and immune boosting properties help improve exercise endurance performance and reduce illness rates after tough workouts.

According to this article, when quercetin was tested in vitro, it was revealed that it has immune regulatory properties that help to fight stress oxidation and inflammation. As a result, quercetin has many effects that support athletic endeavors with studies in human athletes focusing on boosting endurance performance and assisting the body’s natural ability to combat post-exercise inflammation, oxidative stress, and infection.

The quercetin in EnduraQ is enzymatically modified to significantly increase the bioavailability, but it is not genetically modified (the ingredients in EnduraQ are certified non-GMO). The increased bioavailability of EnduraQ means that the body absorbs it 17.5x more effectively than quercetin.


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