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EnduraQ's Anti-inflammatory Effects Assists in Muscle Recovery

Quercetin is a flavonoid, more commonly known as an antioxidant. Benefits include anti-inflammatory effects as well as increased exercise tolerance. A study found data to support that quercetin supports mitochondrial biogenesis in skeletal muscle and the brain. The study also discusses the benefits of quercetin on fitness without exercise training, which may have important implications for enhancement of athletic performance, and may also extend to prevention and/or treatment of chronic diseases. The full study can be found here

Mitochondrial biogenesis is the process by which new mitochondria are formed in the cell. Mitochondria are important because they produce ATP, which is essential to our survival. Muscles contain the highest mitochondrial content of any tissue in the body, in order to provide large amounts of energy (ATP) for exercise. The process of mitochondrial biogenesis is activated by numerous different signals during times of cellular stress or in response to environmental stimuli, such as exercise. Simply put, the parts of our cells that play the most important role in muscle formation repair faster with the help of quercetin. This is how EnduraQ increases exercise endurance capacity and helps muscles recover faster after a strenuous workout.



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